C Bar D Feed

Since 1986



Turkeys &

Game Birds

Layer Chicks.

$2.95 each.

-February to October 

-new batches Thursdays, if we have room

-we get "over-hatch" chicks, so we do not know what will come each week, call us to find out what we have


- large order reservations are sometimes possible.

-come in or call us to place an order. 342-5361

-if you are not sure which breeds you want, we have a catalogue you can browse.

-Broad Breasted White or Bronze Turkeys (SR)

$7.50 ea.

-Guinea Fowl (SR)

$3.95 ea.

-Pheasants (SR)

$2.25 ea.

-Beginning in March

-Availability and questions, please give us a call.


Cornish Rock Cross (meat) chicks. (SR) 

$1.15 each

-available year round

-new batches Tuesdays

-we can take reservations

Mon-Sat: 8am-6pm, Sun: 9am-2pm

-we do not stock ducks or geese, we do however order them.

-We need approximately 20 geese or ducks to make an order. We add together other customers orders to fill the 20 minimum, then they can ship.

-Prices: Range from $3.50 and up for ducks, $7.50 and up for geese. Sexing is about $2 extra.

Ducks & Geese

If you would like to place a reservation or place a large order, please give us a call.


Meat Birds

-Available breeds include:

(90% Pullets)

Rhode Island Red
New Hampshire Red
Barred Rock
White Leghorn
Brown Leghorn
Buff Orpington
Gold & Black Sex Link

Black Australorp
Gold Laced Wyandotte
Silver Laced Wyandotte
White Plymouth Rock

-Bantams: (Straight Run)
B.B. Old English
Silver & Gold Sebright
White Crested Polish
White, Buff & Black Silkie
Millie Fleur